February 2011

Avnet Group participates at hi[11]

The world's largest distributor of electronic parts, Avnet, announces their participation at hi[11].

- We have decided to participate at hi[11] because the exhibition covers a wide range of businesses. This broadness means that the exhibition attracts potential customers from businesses we don't usually meet – customers, who will not necessarily visit the exhibition to see electronics, says Preben Risvang, Sales Manager, Avnet Abacus, which is one of the mother company's four subdivisions: Avnet Silica, Avnet Embedded, Avnet Minec Production and Avnet Abacus. All divisions will be represented at the expo.

The hi-exhibition is Scandinavia's largest industrial expo and collects nine integrated trade expos at the same place and hereby creates a unique synergy. Avnet has not participated at the exhibition for a number of years, but thinks that hi[11] with the new concept and various focus areas covers an important trend at the market:

- It is no longer enough to brand your company on one single value or quality. The customers seek solutions, which cover a larger aspect across the businesses, says Preben Risvang, who looks forward to participating at hi[11].

The team behind the industrial expo is very enthusiastic about the participation of yet another market leader:

We are very pleased with Avnet's participation at hi[11]. It will definitely strengthen our electronics sector at the expo, says Project Manager Mona Jakobsen.
For further information contact Mona Jakobsen, Project Manager, MCH, tel. +45 9926 9926 or mail mj@mch.dk.

From left: Preben Risvang, Sales Manager, Avnet Abacus. Mona Jakobsen, Project Manager, MCH. John Jensen, Team Manager, MCH. Janne Traneberg, Marketing Manager, Avnet Abacus.

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In collaboration with expert groups we are working on a new range of experiences and professional offers at Scandinavia’s largest Industrial Expo. 9 integrated trade expos create a unique synergy.

This year’s new items so far:

- Focus on wind technology – transverse theme as well as experience area
- Industrial IT – new trade expo
- Tools+ Hardware – new trade expo
- Revisit with the Welding+Cutting trade expo




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