Return on attendance

Everyone talks about and measures ROI (Return on Investment). As an exhibitor at hi[11], it is also about ROA - Return on Attendance.
In other words, you have to be here to get your piece of the pie.

An expo success begins long before the expo itself
Potential customers must be invited and followed up on, both in person and continuously. Meetings must be scheduled and action plans must be made for each important customer.

Optimise your outcome

You can get a tool box that includes everything from to-do-lists and tips to save money, to marketing and PR material, support tools and services. Furthermore, you can send your stand staff to a motivating Kick-Off event, free of charge.

Let us help you

Does it sound complicated? Don't worry, because we think it is quite simple. And we are more than happy to help – it is in everyone’s best interest!
So, why not start by calling us at +45 9926 9926, and let us talk about your needs?


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